UPython 3 Pro

Tired of using Python scripts in Unity? UPython 3 Pro may be able to achieve what you need.

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UPython 3 Pro is a tool out of the box, as long as you have configured the Python environment.

Not compatible with UPython 2 (Pro).

UPython 3 Pro redesigns the underlying logic of Unity component and Python server. A highly integrated and optimized design makes it easier for developers to use or extend remote Python calls.

Just start one Python server, and it will provide all the functionality.

Unity and Python Server could run on the same PC or run on different PCs that the PCs should stay within the same local network (e.g., connect to the same wifi)


- 👍️ All UPython 2 Pro users can free upgrade to UPython 3 Pro.

- Included all the py server scripts.

- Source code included.

- Easy to use; Zero learning cost.

- Callback event supports.

- Async call supports.

- ☑️ 3 basic calls:

- (P) Call preset python script on the Python Server and send the result to Unity.

- (UTP) Big file transfer (<4MBs? could be >4MBs) from Unity to Python Server.

- (PTU) Big file transfer (<4MBs? could be >4MBs) from Python Server to Unity.

- ⭐️ 1 composite call:

- (UTP, P) Write python script in Unity C#, run it on the Python Server directly, and get the result from Python Server.

- Run in both Play and Editor modes.

- Custom connection life cycle:

- The default life cycle of each connection is one Python Call. It automatically manages all connections without manual management.

- Custom connection lifecycle can support multiple Python Calls until manually closed. Suitable for those order-sensitive python calls.

- Extensible python script calling order.

- No 3rd party tool is required!

Please cite this tool if you used it in a research paper.



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