LUT Pack

The Asset contains LUT files in various formats and sizes. Requires Post-Processing components (see Manual).


• ready to use with User Lut (Post-Processing)

• ready to use with Color Grading effect (LDR/External, Post Processing v2)

• ready to use with Color Lookup (URP post-processing)

• ready to use with Tonemapping (External, HDRP post-processing)

• format options for all LUTs:

- 2D (Texture2D, *.png)

- 3D (Texture3D, *.asset)

- 3D (*.cube)

• size options for all 2D, 3D LUTs:

- 256x16 (2D), 16x16x16 (3D)

- 1024x32 (2D), 32x32x32 (3D)

• encoded Log format options for all 3D LUTs:

- UnityLog to sRGB (.*cube)

- UnityLog to Linear(.*cube)

• ready to use in other Unity Assets.

• ready to use in third-party image/video processing programs: Photoshop, Premier, etc.

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