3D Scifi Kit Vol 4

With 3D Scifi Kit Vol 4, you will able to create nice scifi interior or exterior levels for your games! This version is a full PBR version.

  • Number of textures: 20 (5 Diffuse/5 Normal/5 Metal/5 Ao)
  • Texture dimensions: 8192
  • Minimum polygon count: 4
  • Maximum polygon count: 6000
  • Number of meshes/prefabs: More than 270+/450+ (Each update add some)
  • UV mapping: Yes
  • Types of materials and texture maps: PBR



The kit is a large set of meshes pre-configured prefabs (with sounds/particles/lights etc). You can create bases or hangars, with the specific kit parts.

The kit roadmap will be identical to volume 3, the first release will be sold at an affordable price, and the following updates, will include spaceships and new props and other demo maps, which will increase the price of the package...

The kit has NOT been optimized for tablets but for pc and mac. The atlased textures are optimized and provided in 8k size to keep a very good quality.

Unlike volume 3, this one allows you to manage your own colors with more ease (see video), indeed I used new texturing methods that allow you to colorize the objects according to your needs.

This version is a full PBR version, diffuse, normal,ao,illum, and metal maps are provided. Creating rooms, corridors or exterior levels with the kit, is very easy!

In this version I have included scripts that allow you to play with doors and lights. This frees you from the creation of certain interactivity.

This version required a lot of work and I hope it will give you as much pleasure as the 3 :)