Casual Series - Chests - Fantasy

For your games, a package of casual, fantasy-style chests.

The Package Includes:

• 3 x 3D Chest models

Under 1500 tris, low-poly models

• Animations & VFXs

Basic animations for the chest’s appearance, opening and closing, and other actions

Particle Effects included (Smoke, Glow, Sparkes, etc)

Shader Effects included (Glowing and Scrolling)

• Many Different Colors, Customizable Textures

Frames: Metal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Obsidian and more

Covering: Wood, Fabric and Fancy Fabric

Colors can be easily changed in the image editor (NEW FEATURE)

• Unlit, Built-In & URP shaders & materials

Optimized for mobile platforms

• LootBox and other DEMOs

Demonstrates how chests looks and works