Sweet Icon Pack

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The Sweet Icon Pack is the perfect choice for game developers looking to add a touch of charm and personality to their games. This pack includes a wide variety of high-quality 3D models and 2D sprites, all designed to help you create engaging and visually appealing game worlds.


  • A wide range of models
  • Comes with unique materials for each object.
  • Each Model has a 2D sprite of it.


120 pieces of 3D icon models

  • The higher tris count for a unique piece is 3000
  • The lower tris count for a unique piece is 30
  • The average tris count is 980
  • Each mesh has a unique texture set

127 icons as 2D sprites

  • There are two versions of sprites with strokes and without strokes
  • There are 2 sprites that include all icons as a sprite sheet.
  • Editable PSD files included in the project


  • More props will be added in the future and prices may change due to updates.

With the Sweet Icon Pack, you'll have everything you need to add a unique touch to your game world. The 3D models and 2D sprites included in this pack are designed with a charming and playful style, making it easy to create a fun and inviting game environment. Whether you're working on a platformer, puzzle game, or any other type of game, this asset pack has you covered. 

So why wait? Add the Sweet Icon Pack to your game development toolkit today and start creating a game world that stands out!

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