Art Gallery Museum VR OFFICIAL SALE

VR supported art gallery, with fully detailed furnitures and decorations. It’s good for collection exhibitions or paintings showcase.

All paintings are independent textures so that they could be replaced to your paintings easily, it will be perfect for ArchViz, VR or any kind of AAA games.

Most textures are more than 2048x2048 Resolution.

Project files compatible with URP(Universal Render Pipeline), can easely converted to Unity Standard Pipeline.

Technical specifications:

- Number of Unique Meshes 54.

- Number of polygons - from 40 (for simple models) to 2,000 (for complex models).

- Texture size 2048 x 2048. (Decorative objects (1024x1024))

- Types of texture maps – Albedo, Normal, Occlusion, MetallicSmoothness.

The package contains:

  • 54 Fbx models
  • 64 prefabs with colliders
  • 143 High Quality Textures (2K)
  • 112 Textures (1K)
  • 94 PBR Materials
  • Optimized 3D Models
  • Baked GI
  • Post Processing Setup
  • VR Ready
  • 1 demo scene with lightmap

Built-in render pipeline:

- Install Post Processing from Package Manager