Tanksfield is a Photon based realtime multiplayer tank battle game. Take the objectives / flags, fight against the opponent team, defend the objectives / flags, and win the battle by dropping their tickets to 0!

WebGL - Android - PC Demos

[Requires Photon PUN2]

Project requires Photon PUN2. Free or paid, both versions are supported.


Installation has four simple steps. These are;

  1. Import the project, welcome window will appear and ask you to import Photon PUN2 first.
  2. After the importing Photon PUN2 to your project, it'll ask you to import remaining TanksField scripts.
  3. Type your own AppID (Photon) to the Photon Server Settings (Window --> PUN --> Highlight Server Settings).
  4. Project is using TPM Essentials. Editor will ask you to import TMP Essentials.


  • Latest Realistic Tank Controller included,
  • Objectives / flags taking, loosing, neutral,
  • Deploy menu with player list,
  • Lobby scene with connecting, quickmatching, creating / joining rooms, listing rooms,
  • CustomProperties including kills, deaths, teams,
  • Displaying which objectives / flags are taken or losen,
  • Switching teams at deploy menu,
  • Spawning at selected objectives / flags,
  • Multi spawn locations per objective / flag,
  • Auto balance between teams,
  • Mobile controllers supported,
  • Event based game management,
  • Commented scripts.


  • Only has one vehicle and one scene,
  • No vehicle or scene selection menu,
  • No spectating players.

Project includes major necessary systems. Can be upgraded by adding more features, script are commented and written wisely.