Terrain Wizard

From Concept to Playtest in Minutes

Terrain Wizard is a Unity Asset that integrates with Unity's own Terrain Tools, and is used to rapidly prototype terrains that conform to an manually created design layout. The advantage of Terrain Wizard is that it uses a combination of procedural and manual generation, allowing designers to create detailed and immersive environments in a more efficient manner. You can generate hundreds of terrains within minutes, select the best and get them into playtesting fast.

Starting from a simple map of the intended game level, Terrain Wizard's procedural generation algorithms can create an interesting and engaging terrain that maintains the overall shape of the level design. This allows designers to quickly and easily create complex and detailed terrain, without the need for labor-intensive manual design.

Additionally, Terrain Wizard is integrated with Unity's Terrain Tools, which allows designers to easily edit and modify the terrain using Unity's built-in tools. This can provide designers with a high level of control and flexibility, allowing them to fine-tune the terrain to create the desired gameplay experience based on play testing of the level in game.

Overall, the advantages of Terrain Wizard are that it allows for the quick and easy creation of detailed and immersive terrain, while also providing designers with a high level of control and flexibility.

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No Tools in Your Way

Using Terrain Wizard you will have your first fully textured terrain within seconds of installing. You will be customizing the terrain layout within minutes. You will find that Terrains created with Terrain Wizard can then be fine tuned using any other Unity Terrain editing tools. In fact, Terrain Wizard focuses on enhancing and complementing the latest generation of built in Unity Terrain Tools. The UI for Terrain Wizard is built into the same UI as all the other Unity Terrrain Tools. There's no separate workflow to learn.

Everything in the Box

Terrain Wizard includes everything you need to start building terrains, including a number of sample biomes, 4k textures, stamps and terrain masks. As a bonus there are some easy to apply sky and lighting settings. Everything you see in the images and videos is included.

A simple Workflow

Terrain Wizard provides a lot of control over the procedural terrain generation process. By leveraging a simple mask and stamping system you can significantly change the structure of your terrain while maintaining the overall shape. Below is a brief overview, you can find the full documentation online.

For ease of use we have divided the user experience into three "layers" of increasing complexity:

"Get me going, now" offers just two fields and a button. Click the button and you get a terrain, click again and you will get a similar but unique terrain. Each terrain is lovingly textured with a range of 4K textures to get you started. You can easily change out the Biome and/or the Terrain Mask in order to generate a completely different terrain.

"Let me tweak a little" allows you to control the generation process at a global level. This means you can change the overall height, steepness and general "feel" of the terrain. Using 3 additional settings and 4 generation buttons you have signficiant control over the final result.But it doesn't stop there.

"I know what I want, help me get it" exposes advanced controls, right down to the rules that apply texturing. We use standard Unity Terrain Tool brushes and masks. There is no new system to learn when moving between Terrain Wizard and the hand crafting tools used by Level Designers and artists. Terrain Wizard tools can even be used in manual mode to augment the existing Unity Terrain Tools.

An Expandable System

When purchasing this package you are given a healthy discount on our terrain stamp kits. This allows you to quickly and easily expand the range of terrains you can generate with Terrain Wizard. Our stamps are standard Unity Terrain Stamps so you can use any Stamps you find on the asset store. You can even use Terrain Wizard to create your own Stamps.

Furthermore, since Terrain Wizard is built on, and integrated with, the Unity Terrain Tools enhancements to this toolset will be immediately available in Terrain Wizard. Since Unity Terrain Tools are a major focus for the 2023 development cycle this is considered to be an essential feature of Terrain Wizard.

Try Our Terrain Packs First

Still unsure? Grab one of our Terrain and stamp kits which include terrains built with the Terrain Wizard. If you like what you see you will recieve a discount when upgrading to Terrain Wizard. Keep your risk low with out try before you buy options.