The Low Poly Legend: Complete Pack contains three different mythical bird species that are fully rigged and animated! For all birds you can choose from multiple color variations. In total there are 12 characters included in this bundle! Each bird is already set up with simple scripts so you can start prototyping right away!

All characters are hand crafted and animated by PULSAR BYTES, a small animation and game studio startup located near munich, germany.

New birds from the Low Poly Legend series that we produce in the future will get added to this pack asap, no costs to you! After purchase of this pack you will basically get all new birds for free!

About each bird:


From greek mythology the phoenix is said to have regenerative abilities or otherwise is born again. It is often associated with fire and the sun.


The thunderbird originated from ancient Native American legends. The thunderbird's name comes from the common belief that the beating of its enormous wings causes thunder and stirs the wind.

Bird of Paradise:

The bird of paradise originated from the mythology and folkore of Iran. Its name comes from the belief that it has a supernatural connection to life and immortality.

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