AOV Mobile Controller

Systens included

1. AOV Buttons Mobile Controler with indicators like a moba games

2. AOV Joystick

3. AOV Orbital Camera (Pinch zoom, rotate, Camera Collider, smooth velocity)

4. AOV TouchField (touch recognizer in selected areas)


- Unrestricted modification

- Smooth and accurate mobile controller system

- Mobile have same behavior as editor

- All textures are easy to replace

- Clean, easy to understand C# code

- Allow unrestricted modification

- Based on Unity UI

- Rich documentation

- Easy to integrate

- Smooth input

Analog Stick Behaviour

- Output direction, position rotation and size of the area that the indicator covers

Button event list

- OnPointerDown



Your rating, review and feedback are greatly appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a base template for a game and is not a full game. Therefore, scripting or additional art will be required if you wish to produce a full game using it.