FREE Destructible Guerilla Droid

Fully destructible robot for your sci-fi games!

Comes with a simple destruction system made up of a few scripts, and can be applied to any character with the necessary parts. There are some added scripts for more in-depth possibilities of destructible characters, such as limb-dependent deaths (such as a must-headshot enemy, or something with a power core), limb-loss triggered animations and limb-dependent gameObjects like lights, or particles.

Includes 3 LODG prefabs(Each Skin) and one destructible prefab fully setup to start recieving damage.

A few poses and one Combat Idle animation are included, however, the robot uses a humanoid rig that is meant to be used with kits like animset pro, mixamo, and works great with other motion capture.

See the UI button events in the demo scene to cause damage to the destructible droids.

Textures are 4K compressed PNG format including Albedo, Metallic, AO, and Normal(DirectX). Models are nicely unwrapped if you wish to do some repainting or add decals.

Triangles at LOD0 are :
Mechanism: 22,538
Body Armor: 14,198
Helmet: 1072
Lights: 126

***IMPORTANT - All documentation is within the codes, and any adjustable inspector parameters have tooltips if you need. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any issues or concerns. Enjoy!!!***