Ancient Caves 2D

Ancient Cave is a hand-painted pack with tons of stylized and atmospheric game elements. Everything is soaked with deep underground style. Fancy VFX, water shader, the animated player character, tile palette, and a full set of decorations for your service. Make your own story down into the unknown.

Pack contains:

•Layered backgrounds

•Tileset and tile palette

•Animated objects

•Animated character and monster (Classic sprite animation and Spine Project+Raw files)

•300+ sprites + simplified PSD files

•8 particle systems

•custom water shader

•Demo scenes

•Video Preview

Currently, we are working on the update for the URP version, which will include a custom light controller that will add even more atmosphere to your fancy game. Also, we will add a character controller script in the nearest update.

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We are open to commission work, so if your game needs fancy graphics or animations, we will be happy to help!

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