Extrusion Pro for Gena Pro

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The perfect tool for tunnels, walls, sidewalks and more!

Extrusion Pro is the ideal solution for creating a mesh along a spline.

The traditional way to make a curved wall or a tunnel would involve creating a mesh in a 3D modeling application outside of Unity, and then importing into into Unity. Then, whenever it needs to be changed, it needs another roundtrip to and from the 3D modeling application.

With Extrusion Pro's easy-to-use cross section editor, you can quickly and easily create the perfect shape for your mesh, and have it generated along a spline all without leaving Unity. You have full control over the UV-mapping and texturing along the extruded mesh with the integrated UV-map Editor.

When combined with the object spawning and terrain editing capabilities of the GeNa Pro spline system, you now have another powerful tool to tackle your level design challenges.

How it works

  1. Attach the Extrusion Pro extension to a GeNa Pro Spline.
  2. Define the shape of your extruded mesh with the Cross Section Editor.
  3. Add new spline nodes in your environment and watch it update in real time.

The extruded mesh will be generated along your spline and show your edits, including complex intersections, and update them in real time!

Main Features

  • UV Editor - control UV layout, tiling and modes.
  • Live Editing/Preview - realtime preview editing of extrusion mesh.
  • Cross-Section Editor - advanced control over mesh points and normals.
  • Support for intersections when using 'properly formed' cross sections.
  • API / runtime support - runtime manipulation of extrusion system.

Note: A 'properly formed' Cross Section means that it has a floor (for each shell, however small) at the bottom that crosses over X=0.0. It also has the same number of points on either side of the center X (x=0.0) and the UV's are mirrored on the points across the center X (this is less important for 'cave-like' structures).

Full Render Pipeline Support

The Extrusion Pro Plugin works in builtin, URP and HDRP.

Please note: The art assets like flowers, trees, forklift, etc. visible in the screenshots are shown for illustration purposes and are not part of the package.

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