This package contains a set of animated 3D arrow models, a 3D musical note model, a 3D punctuation model, and a 3D letter and number model.

Support URP, HDRP, LWRP, Build-in Render Pipeline

My project is submitted using URP. If you are not using URP, you need to manually reset the shader of the model to avoid it being pink.

Main Features:

1. Easy to integrate into your project, no need to write any shader and code.

2. Contains 26 upper case letter models.

3. Contains 26 lower case letter models.

4. Contains 10 Arabic number models.

5. Contains 15 Roman number models.

6. Contains 10 Chinese number models.

7. Contains 31 punctuation mark models.

8. Contains 36 note models.

9. Contains 19 different arrow animations.

10. Support Android, IOS, Windows,VR and other platforms.

11. Clear demo.

12. Good support.

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