Measurements For Unity is a professional and reusable solution to speed up your development. Get precise measurements between objects in your scene in both runtime and editor. Bring your level design to the next level with pinpoint accuracy.

This standalone method of visualizing and tracking measurements between objects in your game scene is entirely editor based. Measurements are calculated from the center of selected objects.


  • Select objects in the editor and save them to have their measurements visualized.
  • Measurements between objects are tracked in a collection: toggle, remove, reorganize, or add new objects to the measures at any time.
  • Editor window supports swapping and modifying active measurement units at any time.
  • Custom measurement units: use the creation window to configure any measurement units you desire: custom name, abbreviation, multiplier, and decimal placement.
  • Quick option for clearing all tracked measurements of a selected object
  • Easily remove all tracked objects, move on quickly.
  • Extensive debugging options: linear or webbed measurement visuals, dotted or solid lines, measurement abbreviations and debugging colors.
  • Measurements are stored in ScriptableObjects, easily share between other project collaborators.
  • Automatic folder creation and management for measurements.

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