Golden Deer mesh - 18619 verts

3 sets of textures:



White with black ornate


1. Idle

2. Idle2

3. Attack1

4. Attack2

5. Death1

6. Death2

7. Eat

8. Sleep

9. Fall

10. GetDamage1

11. GetDamage2

12. Walk

13. WalkRight

14. WalkLeft

15. Run

16. RunAttack

17. SwimIdle

18. SwimForward

Each texture set includes: Base color, Roughness, Metallic, Normal map 4096x4096 resolution

The model uses 4 materials, skin, eye, eye glass, eyelashes. This way you can adjust the eye color and adjust the glare/distortion of the eyes in any engines.

This fantasy deer model is made specifically for unity/unreal game engines and works perfectly in them, but a rich set of animations and high detail allows you to use this model for other purposes, such as media/ video/training.

The main source is .blend, it has controllers configured to create animations, but if you need any help in creating additional animations, please contact us.