Spooky Graveyard - Stylized Environment URP

With our Spooky Graveyard environment package you get all you need to get started creating a beautiful, but spooky stylized environment for your game.

The package has been designed for the Universal Render Pipeline, comes with a custom vegetation shader created with Shader Graph and a high quality demo scene giving you an example how the content can be used.


  • Beautiful stylized environment art giving you a headstart for your project
  • Custom shaders giving you control over color, wind and fog
  • Beautiful wind animations on trees and other vegetation
  • LOD and collision setup on all meshes that require them
  • Beautiful demo scene showing how to bring all included features together


  • Graveyard asset pack containing gravestones, tomb, stone wall, pillar, fence, rock, trees, mushroom and grass
  • Falling leaves particle system
  • Floating dust particle system
  • Cloud and Mist particle systems
  • Custom vegetation shader with color tint and wind settings

*Please Note

The audio files present in the demo video are not part of this package