Realistic HD Car with engine sounds - 18

This car model is very detailed, realistically made with blender. All the headlights, breaklights, steering wheel, reverse light, speed and other gauge have different meshes.

It is optimized for mobile devices, and can also be used on a AAA game.

  • Model pivot is aligned along Z axis, default alignment needed for vehicles in unity.
  • Textures size - 2048 x 2048 (Disable Generate mip map in texture to get full details).
  • Works very well with HDRP, URP, and SRP.
  • Optimized for mobile devices.
  • Car has 2 LOD's and 1 wheel LOD + 1 rim LOD.
  • FBX Format.
  • It doesn't contain demo scene shown in the image.
  • LOD 1 Vertices : 356.8k
  • LOD 2 Vertices : 58.2k
  • All Texture resolution : 2048
  • Engine sound included - Idle, low, medium, and high.