O Kit 00 Vampire Hunter Trunk

This kit contains a trunk with movable drawers, doors and other movable tiles

Opacity and shader fully equipped for all necessary items to hunt down vampires, werewolves and other undead dwellers of the night. This contains a full pistol set with auxiliary pistols and different functional modules, a full stake and blade set, apothecary and other holy items. All models are textured in PBRt (base colour, roughness, metallic, normal, ambient occlusion, height) with colliders and LODs (maximal 4 levels). The glass textures are set up with an opacity map in the alpha channel to be used in custom shaders. The kit has 46 prefabs in total and supports built-in, universal and high definition render pipelines - a prefab set for each pipeline. All models are created with the option for animation in mind, even this package doesn't contain animations.