Fruit Match 3 Game Kit(Ant Attack)

Our fruit match 3 ant attack 2D game kit is a well polished, ready-made fruit yum kit with many features.Our easy to use & understandable documentation gives you the ability to easily reskin/customise this awesome game of matching. This is the most beginner friendly and easy to reskin match 3 game kit which you cannot miss. Our documentation helps you to experience, understand, and customise every single element of the game.

The beginner friendly, well-commented and well-coded scripts will give you a kick start in creating your dream match 3 game and also in learning more about use of C# with Unity. We have used the easiest match 3 algorithm. Along with regular match 3 features like tapping to match ,swiping to match and Attractive UI based on Fruit World, we also have auto generated 100 levels, Ant Attack, Daily Rewards and Weekly Spin. All open for modification. Your journey with this kit will be fun-filled.

Ant Attack:

Set in a fruit forest, we have many fruits ready to be matched with their pairs and ants trying to attack them. How to get rid of ants and reach the target score and level up? Stay tuned to know!

Daily Rewards and Weekly Spin:

Our daily rewards lets you claim coins and Weekly Spin let's you win special prizes,power-ups, timer & moves.


  • Full Source Code with comments
  • Completely customisable
  • Very optimised
  • Ant Attack: You can provide the number of ants you want and level after which you want the ants to show to players. After that, players will deal with ants.
  • Daily Rewards with your choice of coins value
  • Spinning Wheel which player can spin weekly to get prizes. You can provide the prizes or go with what I provided. Our doc will help you thoroughly with that.
  • 100 tested levels provided with auto-generation of levels and everything else related to levels, just put the number of levels you want
  • Many fruity fruits,BOMBS and Special Power Up Fruits with Effects at gameplay
  • Rich Shop system with Moves/Time, Special Power Up Fruits use time, Bomb use time & Coins.
  • Unity IAP integrated which you can setup easily using our doc
  • Unity Advertisements and AdMob Rewarded Advertisements added which also you can setup easily using our doc. Players get either moves or more time as reward to continue playing.
  • UI scale for all screen sizes and resolutions
  • Playable for both mobile and desktop
  • Scrollable Level map with current level locator button and more levels coming soon
  • ​​Full set of great graphics, ui design, animations and effects
  • Many PopUps with nice UI including PowerUps PopUp to choose special fruits, Score Multiplier PopUp to increase score when using special fruits, Level Selector PopUp with target score, Win Game and Lose Game PopUp
  • Settings PopUp with Rate Game and Privacy Policy
  • Privacy policy included
  • Full help guide and short demo tutorial at Level 1

Few inistial steps:

*Create and empty project and switch platform to Android in Build Settings then go to Player Settings> Resolution switch orientation to portrait

*Import this package

*Download the packages mentioned in doc & turn on the necessary Services in the Services window and keep following the doc

This kit is open to further updated features integrations for the future.

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