Modular Pillar Collection

  • Large collection of pillars with mix and match parts
  • 290 base (part of pillar) meshes and 580 middle (part of pillar) which can be used in any combination to generate over tens of thousands of styles
  • Shader Graph material provided, with a large amount of customization options
  • Edge and corner highlights
  • Edge and corner smoothness
  • Adjust strength of above
  • Textures applied in Non tiling fashion (even between pillar sets)
  • Can be used with a flat color for a stylized look
  • 22 sample materials samples provided. New ones can be created easily
  • Easily adjust Pillar height
  • Pillar Picker utility provided, which can be used to preview, and build pillars easily
  • Repeat any number of times and along a path
  • Provided four prebuilt path/shapes, Linear, Circular, Rectangular or Rectangular corners to easily make repeatable pillar placements
  • Fast performance by using shared material and GameObject instancing for repeat's

Important/Additional Notes:

  1. The materials are created using Shader Graphs. Usable directly in Universal RP, and can be easily convered to HDRP
  2. Contains assets from, licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal.