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Scanned Rocks with Moss and Snow

This package contains Twelve rocks. Six are from real life scans, and the other six have generic rock textures. It has a shader that can set any kind of secondary material to the top of the mesh, no matter which way you rotate it. It uses top down projection for this secondary material set. The secondary material set such as the moss and snow provided here can be anything from dirt, oil, blood, grease and much more. Try adding your textures and playing with the settings, will work on any meshes.!

Pack contains:
-6 scanned rocks with diffuse, specular-Gloss, and normal maps
-6 generic rocks with individual texture sets

Prefabs have been pre-created for ease of use

- Brand new shader created to cope with unity 2017.

- NEW Snow AND Moss materials updated added. PBR textures added.
Emissiveness slider added to second material (Albedo based)
- Collision meshes added
-Cave Example Scene added