Better Bullets

Better Bullets - the solution to all projects involving projectiles.

  • Fixing high-velocity collision
    • If you've ever tried creating projectile weapons in your games, you will probably know the frustration of firing a high-velocity projectile (as is typical for weapons), only for said projectile to go straight through your target instead of hitting it. Better Bullets fixes this and enables reliable detection of high-velocity collisions through use of linecasts.
    • More reliable and less intensive than continuous rigidbody detection. Some solutions to high-velocity collision have involved changing rigidbody detection mode from discrete to continuous. Even after doing this, some high-speed collisions aren't detected yet the CPU has to work a lot harder. My linecast solution provides a better workaround.
  • Support for both rigidbody and transform movement
    • The script controlling bullets has an option to choose between using a rigidbody or not. If you choose to use a rigidbody, one can be assigned manually or automatically upon run if one does not exist. If you choose to use a rigidbody, Unity's built-in physics engine will be used for movement.
    • If you however want to use transform movement instead, this is supported! Another benefit of this is that collisions can be detected without rigidbodies, which isn't usually possible.
  • Physics simulation
    • In update v1.1, options have begun to be added to enable realistic physics simulation. Instead of a constant value for the force of gravity, you can now choose the strength of gravity yourself. In addition, you can now also simulate wind by setting the values of a vector to the strength of wind in each direction.

Future content will include 2D support, air resistance simulation and further customisation options for bullets.