Classic AI patterns, such as behavior and decision trees usually force you to traverse the entire decision tree to execute (simple) actions...

This is a huge waste of performance, since many actions like entity spotting or movement can in theory run independently.

AiMalgam solves those issues by separating the decision-making process from action execution, while also providing support for event driven implementations!

This asset pack is based on this thesis, which explains the issues, benchmarks and solutions of classic AI patterns in depth.

With AiMalgam you can create custom AI logic for any game genre for AAA or smaller game titles that can run on any device supported by Unity. There are simply no restrictions!

Though this AI system does provide you the tools to create AI for any game type, it does not mean that it already contains those AI implementations, since there are potentially infinite AI behaviors! You can take a look at the demo section to see what AI behavior can be made and beyond that as well!

Checkout the video tutorial series and the documentation!


  • Building AI behavior with the graph editor
  • Debugging AI at runtime with the graph editor
  • Generating new custom AI scripts (node settings, Monos, AI logic, etc.)
  • Management of your AI settings
  • Event driven architectures for decision-making
  • A well documented API and manual
  • Video tutorials
  • Demo AI behavior implementations
  • Supports any game genre
  • Supports any creature AI (humanoids, insects, fish, stationary objects, etc.)
  • Compatible with 2D and 3D environments
  • Compatible with any render pipeline
  • Can run on any OS
  • Supports Unity 2019.4 and ongoing
  • Uses custom property drawers

AI Demos (3D only):

  • A simple "Red Light Green Light" scene, similar to "Squid Game"
  • Hide and Seek example
  • Small Tower Defense setup
  • Close and distance-based Combat AI
  • Swing, get hit and Block melee attacks AI
  • Example Conditions and Monos
  • Spotting AI
  • Animation AI
  • Follow AI
  • Flee AI

This asset pack uses third-party components (see the "Third-Party Notices.txt" file), such as the forked NaughtyAttributes package, Unity3DHelperTools, a highly modified version from XNode and Material Icons.