Pack | Stylized Interactive Grounds (URP)

Set of Stylized Grounds that you can customize its detail, scale, height, texture, color, trail intensity to your satisfaction.

- Contains Snow, Sand, Grass and Water Grounds customizables.

- Fully modular, automatic vertex position so you can join different areas.

- Easy fix absolute vertex position.

- Reduce vertices count with LOD system.

- Big areas with various connections.

- Fully optimized, at compile time removes Ground System Scripts that are not needed.

- Contains separate Subgraphs so you can use in other Shaders.

- Contains different trail textures.

- Contains a scene to see how it works in detail. You can also see the Readme file, as it has some interesting information.

- Contains a simple movement script that shows you how to apply the effect only while touching the ground.

- Contains a simple trail change code depending on the ground you step on.

- Contains a helper script that shows you how to controlle the rotation effect relative to the parent object.