2d Character/Environments Template

Demo Include(Same With Video)

Example 2d Character Creator

Example 2d Character controller

Example Loading

Example day night system

Example 2d grass system

Example stair

Example Scene

All Source Code Include

All Sprite are Png

-Tiles in 128x128px resolution

-31 Furniture

-2 difference Ground RuleTile (Ready for autotiling)

-2 difference Wall

-2 difference fire include Animation

-Chest open and close

-One Candle include Animation

-House Door open and close

-18 World object sprite

-4 RuleTile - Mountain, Road, River, Fence (Ready for autotiling)

-Incline Mountain(optional)

-1 Bridge

-2 difference Tree pattern

-2 difference Grass Ground pattern

-1 Stair to Mountain

-1 outside cave

Male Character

- 1 hair

-1 empty

-1 cloth

-1 Armor

Female Character

- 2 hair

-1 empty

-1 cloth

-1 Armor


Demo are using URP,

Pls import 2d-extras-1.8.1-preview for 2020.3 and TextMeshPro

and I have use Fantasy Wooden GUI Free For UI

Character PSD Source File? go 2d 8 Direction Animation Character PSD only- InfiBatnis

contacts: infibatnis.gamesolo@gmail.com