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Create levels quickly using a voxel editor, then Wildtile will autotile the voxel map for you using dual-grid tiles, popularised by Townscaper. Import and iteratively improve your own dual-grid 3D tilesets with help from Wildtile's debugging tools.

  • Dual-grid model importer
    • No need for annotations or markup, the importer will detect how to connect modules together and which corners of the model are inside or outside
    • Default settings are suitable for basic tilesets, setting up should take seconds
    • Advanced features support
  • Model debugger
    • After import, if your models aren't connecting together the way you expect, view them in the debugger
    • See which models connect on each face
    • See why other models don't connect
    • See which corners are inside and outside, and how the analyser has decided
  • Manual touch up
    • If you have custom rules that aren't covered by the automatic import, all assets are in a format that's both human-editable and script-editable
  • Voxel map editor
    • Use a fully integrated level editor to edit your level with simple cuboids
    • Exit the tool, and instantly watch the algorithm build your models in the shape of your voxels