ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit

It is designed to quickly, intuitively, and effortlessly add working, interactable windows, switches, buttons, doors, and so much more to your environments. In addition to the included prop types, you will be able to interact with anything in your scene, utilizing the Interactive Prop, Trigger Area, or Dome Trigger Area components!


Doors: Set a door to rotate on any axis, to any set angle, and back again! Perfect for trapdoors, drawbridges, house doors, chests, and much more!

Windows: Open a window! Hey! Close that window, pal! You're letting a draft in!

Drawers: What good is a filing cabinet if it can't hold files? In, Out. In, Out.

Portcullis Doors: When one door closes, another opens, or so the saying goes.

Switches and Levers: There is an evil dungeon master somewhere, crying, because nobody has pulled his lever. Pull the lever, Kronk!

Buttons: We all love a good button! Press the button! Go on! That was easy.


Interactive Prop: a component that fires all connected events when used by the player. 

Trigger Area: a custom box collider that enables OnTrigger functions to be fired from anywhere in the scene.

Dome Trigger Area: a dome shaped Trigger Area.