Tree Collection Pack 2

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Default is for URP. You can find HDRP and Built-in pipeline packages in the "Doc" folder

This pack contains a large number of 3D tree models in different types.

Also included an optimized and realistic translucency shader with wind effect for trunk, bark and leaves

This pack is made as a 3d model (fbx) so that you can easily use them in any pipeline or software.

Note: This is the second release. the new tree models will be added in the next updates. Follow updates

*** Added 95 new tree models in the update 2.3

The models are all professionally made with high quality textures and models

You can find the executable example for Windows here

Texture size: 2048x2048

Shaders: Standard shader

Triangles: 7.000 ~ 15.000

Channels: Albedo, normal map

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=> Features:

- Translucency , Wind shader and controller

- Super optimized shader for all platforms even low-end mobiles

- Cactus with 15 variants

- Grass an flowers with 4 variants

- Custom tree with 9 variants

- Palm tree with 18 variants

- Silver Lime with 7 variants

- Maple with 16 variants

- Euro Beech with 10 variants

Total are 7 trees with 79 variants

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Asset uses a few textures under free use; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package under "Doc" folder for details