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Grey Luxury Sedan

This is a grey luxury sedan suitable for use in a 3rd person racing game. The polygon count is 8,960 triangles (4,878 vertices). I've also included 3 seperate LOD versions of the model all set up in the prefab (using the LODgroup component)

The polygon count for LOD1 is 4,726 triangles (2,693 vertices)
The polygon count for LOD2 is 2,468 triangles (1,495 vertices)
The polygon count for LOD3 is 1,131 triangles (834 vertices)

The car comes with three different materials.
1) Mainbody (diffuse / normal / gloss)
2) Windows (diffuse / alpha)
3) Rims (diffuse / normal / alpha)

I've also included an extremely lowpoly collider mesh as well.