Nemisindo Action Pack - Procedural Sound Effects SALE


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The Action Pack is an asset for Unity featuring 11 fully procedural sound effects models (all sounds generated on the fly, no stored samples) for popular “action” sounds; helicopters, engines, gunshots, sirens, rockets, etc. The plugin also provides over 90 presets for you to ch0ose from.

These models are implemented as native audio plugins and can generate sound effects in real time, completely procedurally. Each model offers various functions to change the parameters of the sound effect at runtime. Hence the parameters can be linked to any in-game events, which can lead to very organic and interesting results.

The models are written in c++ wrapped in a custom UI. The plugins are loaded as audio effects in the mixer channel and the audio signal is passed to the audio source object mapped to that mixer channel. The plugin audio parameters can be controlled in real-time using special setter functions via the unity c# scripting API.

This means that audio parameters can be linked to any ingame event giving granular control over the sounds generated during gameplay. It also allows you to design your sound exactly how you want it. further each plugin is provided with multiple presets to speed up your sound design process

Supported Target Platforms: Windows (x64 & x32), Mac, Android

Tested with Unity versions: 2018.4.36f1 or later.

Included models: Explosion, Gunshot, Rifle, Helicopter, Jet, Propeller, Rocket, Alarm, Alert, Siren, Fire