Advanced Cable Creator

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New Feature in v1.1: Runtime placement and update from code support (WebGL Demo)

New Feature in v1.2: Prefabs propagation along the cable.

This tool makes it easy to create hanging cables and ropes in your scene with just a few clicks. You can create a single cable or a bunch of parallel cables with different properties randomized. The tool has been designed with a balance of flexibility and ease of use in mind.

The cable path can be edited in two different ways:

1. By dragging control handles of the cable segments right in the scene view.

2. Using scene objects as control points and generating the cable between them.

The tool automatically handles all routine tasks under the hood, for example: hanging shape of the cable, texture size ratio dependent UVs generation, spawning of cable joint objects (cable clips for instance) with auto orientation.

For the full features list look into the Technical Details section below.