Galaga Essentials

Playniax introduces the Galaga Essentials pack.

Arguably one of the best games ever made is the Arcade hit Galaga.

You probably played hours with this game and for the novice programmer its a nice little game to make!

This pack contains the necessary assets and code to create a Galaga type of game.

Go ahead and make your own masterpiece


● We've upgraded our particle effects by switching to the Unity particle system, replacing the outdated Playniax particle system.
● Introducing the Texture2DHelpers class with a new method called Blit, simplifying the process of overlaying textures with alpha blending.
● Our Texture2DHelpers class now features the GetScreenshot() method, allowing users to easily capture and retrieve screenshots of their current display.
● We've restructured and renamed folders for enhanced organization and clarity. To aid usability, we've added numerous tooltips throughout our classes.


The new version also includes a brand new tool called SHMUP Builder. SHMUP Builder allows you to setup your own shoot 'em up with just a few button clicks.

Thanks to the included assets you can start right away and have fun!


● Background images for making beautiful scenes (planets, rocks, nebula, etc.)
● 1 animated player ship
● 9 different types of animated attackers
● A collection of different pickups or upgrades
● Basic Galaga-type behavior scripts
● SHMUP Builder

And sprites to create bullets and explosion particles.

Powered by the Playniax frameworks Ignition and Pyro.

Documentation Here

Demo Here