MBS - Modular Building System

MBS is a system for creating 3D structures. It provides a code base for creating 3D structures out of modular parts right in the Unity editor. The plugin works with interchangeable modular parts that any 3d designer can create, share or sell.

The plugin is still in development and at the moment there is only the ability to create walls and floors, but this is only 35% of its final functionality. The rest of the functions are still in development: placing interior and exterior parts, creating stairs, creating roofs, combining and optimizing meshes.

It will be updated as new features are added.

By buying it now, you can use the current functionality, support the developer and save money in the future, since it will cost more when it is ready.

The ultimate goal of this plugin is quickly and easily create buildings, fill them with interior/exterior details such as switchers, lamps, furniture, household appliances, plants, etc. inside this one plugin.