MBS - Modular Building System

See supported Unity versions in Technical Details.

MBS v0.2 contains 3 main tools:

  1. Wall Builder Tool
  2. Floor Builder Tool
  3. Decorator Tool

With Wall and Floor Builder tools, you can easily and quickly create a building structure or mockup your level. Using the Decorator tool, you can quickly fill your building or your level with decorative and interactive parts.

You can use custom prefabs with MBS. With Decorator Tool you can use almost any prefab, but for Wall and Floor Builder Tools you may need to make some small adjustments such as centering pivot point and few others. See more on the MBS Assets Creation Guide page.

You can create your own Modular Asset Pack for MBS by following just a few rules. Such packs can be shared or sold.

Warning! MBS is in early access and in active development. You can use it as you need, but it is not a ready solution for production yet.

By buying it now, you can use the existing functionality, support the development and save money in the future, since it will cost more when it's ready.

The ultimate goal of MBS is to create a fulfilled system for creating buildings and other structures out of modular prefabs (walls, floors, roofs, stairs), and quick and easy placement of decorative and interactive prefabs in scenes.