Amplify Animation Pack

Full set of animations ranging from locomotion to boating, swimming, and varied interactions. Whether you’re making a sandbox game, tactical espionage sim, or exploring uncharted ruins, the starter Third-person Character Controller will get you rolling faster than ever!

Take it for a spin with our Demo Scene: Download (Right Click, Save As / Windows)

Full animation list: Amplify Wiki

Manual: Amplify Wiki

NEW! Start Screen Config Wizard

NEW! Ladder Mechanics

NEW! Plunge Attack

NEW! Movement Leaning


  • Blender Source
  • 600+ Animation Sequences
  • Third-person Controller (Provided as is - Not all features available)
  • Full Source

This pack is primarily an Animation Library. The starter Character Controller is complementary and - provided as is - it's a good way to preview animations out-of-the box and to serve as a starting point for your custom controller but not a fully-featured solution.

SRP Compatibility

All renderers supported, use the official Unity URP and HDRP Pipeline Wizard included with your SRP distribution to convert the included Built-in Materials.

Animation Categories

  • Weapons (Bow, Pistol, Machine Gun)
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Vehicle Use
  • Ladders
  • Locomotion (w/Jumping Vaulting)
  • Cover
  • Climbing (Wall,Bars)
  • Interactions (Door,Levers,Pickup)
  • Melee+Throwing
  • Swimming

Third-person Controller

  • Locomotion with Walk, Run, Sprint, Jumping and Vaulting
  • Crouching + Crawling
  • Wall Cover
  • Climbing
  • Interactions + UI Prompts
  • Cinemachine Camera System