Freeflow Combat

Freeflow Combat is a combat system that allows one-on-one engagement as well as fast, fluid and smooth transition from one enemy to another generating dynamic and immersive gameplay for all the combo lovers.

This asset supports all rendering pipelines but the demo is in URP only.

This system is highly customizable and you have full control over everything.

Freeflow Combat supports:

  • Control over traversal speed
  • Supports all input systems
  • Setting any animation as attack or traversal animation
  • Setting the attack distance for each animation
  • Randomize attack or traversal animations or have them be used linearly
  • Enemy layers
  • Detection radius
  • Any camera perspective

For inspector screenshots and documentation reviewing, check this link.

This asset does not come with enemy AI for a powerful and universal AI engine you can get Blaze AI.

Email me for support, questions and bug reports.

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Best of luck