2D Sword Generator

Fantasy swords generator for your game :
Using a large library of high quality vector sprites, generate countless epic looking swords within seconds !

Stop wasting time looking for original designs, make yours !

Use the demo to generate a weapon, and save it to the prefabs by the click of a button. Each click on "Random" will generate a new sword. You can then save that unique design for later. Simple, no script required !

I imagine very well a rpg with random lootable swords created this way, don't you ?

Includes :
36 different crossguards (9 designs, 4 colors)
20 different grips (5 designs, 4 colors)
14 jewels (2 designs, 7 colors)
66 different blades ! (11 designs and 6 colors)

Fitting for metroidvania, platformers, combat, rpg, arena, action adventure games, prototyping...

Scalable !
Build to support new sprites, just drop new designs in the right folders and let the package take charge of the rest !

The list of provided sprite is alreay massive, but it'll continue to grow. Taking the asset now will give you access to all future updates !