Candy Fairy Tales is most powerful Match-Three engine for Unity, that you ever seen. It contains not only classic Match-Three gameplay, but Match-Chain and Match-Click mechanics too. These is three most popular gameplay in this genre.

The project has many possibilities for customization. There is powerful node-based level editor, which supports extensions - simple abstract classes, that allows to add new functionality in the editor. It is useful, if you decide to create new type of content for this game, such as new type of bombs, new mechanics, new level goals or nodes for the node editor. Also there is pretty easy to use content editor - all settings in one place. Customize it and make new variants with different parameters. All the changes automatically integrates into the level editor.

It also has a very beautiful cartoon graphics, that were made by a professional. And simple and structured UI system, which allows to customize it and reskin as you wish. The Level Map looks alive because of parallax effect. You can create a similar map using the same components. Multiple maps is suppoted, so you can create additional maps with separate player progress.