POLYSTYLE - Medieval Dungeons

Astrofish Games Presents
POLYSTYLE - Medieval Dungeons
A multi-layered Modular Dungeon Environment Kit As part of our POLYSTYLE Environment Series.

With this pack you can:
Build using our standardized ‘BLOCKS’, rooms and singles;
enabling you to rapidly build up your own Dungeon!

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This kit is designed for interiors. It can be used for exteriors too!

This pack includes:

A huge modular Dungeon example, modular rooms, BLOCKS and props.

All assets in the trailer and screenshots are included in the pack.

Key Features -

- 38 unique individual props
- 41 Groups of props
- 49 premade Room modules
- 400 ‘BLOCKS’

Demo Scenes
We have included a demo scene to showcase the props, building components, BLOCKS and a premade Modular Dungeon.

The Dungeon demo is the one you can see from the trailer and is fully lit and set dressed.

All assets have LOD's where appropriate.

As an example, a typical wall has 450 triangles and most architectural elements have LOD’s 0-3.

Props range from 200 triangles to 2000 depending on size and complexity. Props which are towards 2000 triangles are single-use Hero assets, whereas props which are designed to be reused at the lower end.

All texturing is done from a single, small color picking atlas and separate sheets for particles and emissive materials. Emissive materials have their own material per use case such as a yellow flame or blue embers.

An Astrofish Games Discord has been set up and we are actively building a community of like-minded creators. It would be great to meet you!