First Person Character


A smooth locomotion controller with customizable head bob and camera breathing.


Incline-influenced, dynamic slide where the player slide time and speed are affected by the angle of the slope they are on. A steep slope means fast and persistent slide time. Automatically adjusts speed for different angles to make a realistic feeling slide. Sliding down a steep, uneven hill means dynamic changes in speed and persistent slide.

Wall Climbing and Mantling

Can climb anything with a collider, regardless of the object, unless specified not to with the ignore layer option (such as the ground layer). Customizable options let the developer specify just how much and how fast they want the player to climb. Layer-based raycasting ensures this would work on any object the developer wants, for any project.

Wall Running

Wall running allows the player to run across any wall with a collider. This works the same as the wall climb. This is customizable to allow the player more height or distance from the wall run. Wall running also uses layer-based raycasting so it would work on any surface the developer wants.


Lean functionality allows for customizable camera tilting left, up, and right. Adjust how much the camera tilts and how fast.

Try the Playable Demo Here