Lowpoly Modular Armors Expansion Pack 02 - MEDIEVAL FANTASY SERIES

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This is an expansion pack for the Medieval Armors Pack, and while you still can use this pack without the Modular Armors Pack,we strongly recomend you to get that pack or the free version of it because some parts and textures from that pack are needed for this pack to work as intended with the script included!

Polytope Studio presents you Lowpoly Medieval Modular Armors Expansion Pack 02!

This package contains more than 580 modular armor parts, all fully compatible with the Medieval Armors Pack and the Medieval Modular Armors Expansion Pack 01


-588 modular armor parts, Unity Mechanim and Mixamo compatible

- 16 modular armor sets for each gender, each set has 3 tiers for progression

- 1 bonus epic armor set from the upcoming Epic Expansion Pack

- 2 custom shaders created with Amplify that let you change the colors/metallic/smoothness of specific parts of the armors.

- 1 bonus editor only script for swapping the armor parts, creating prefabs, previewing the modular system, and editing the materials

- a base 256/256 px color texture

- 1 coat of arms 512/512 px texture

This pack is designed to work in standard pipeline and URP.

The polycount for the armor parts is ranging from 228 to 4326tris.

This pack contains no animations!

We update our packs periodically so if you want to see something specific please use the support email to make a request.

We'd love your feedback! If you find these assets useful please rate and review them.

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