• Includes over 260 unique modular pieces
  • Includes 12 ready-made buildings
  • 5 material variations
  • Greatly optimized trim sheet UVs

A collection of English contemporary style modular pieces and buildings. This collection includes over 260 unique modular pieces such as: walls, windows, roofs, doors, floors, fences ,railings and pillars that can be used to create endless variations of contemporary English buildings. The collection also includes 12 buildings that were made using the modular pieces and merged together to create a single mesh.

This collection makes use of Trim sheets, meaning the entire package is rendered off of a single texture set and material. There are five different material variations available. Modular pieces snap easily and seamlessly to the grid.

Textures are in 4096x4096 resolution and include:

  • Diffuse/Base colour(D)
  • Normal map(N)
  • Roughness(R)
  • Metallic (M)

For any help or inquiries please message me directly on my email: howardcoates3dart@gmail.com