Kings and Heroes RPG Themes 2

This unique music pack contains 6 exciting RPG themes that cover a variety of moods for different scenes and areas that complement the storyline of your game.

Don't miss out to check out the free part 1 of "Kings and Heroes RPG Themes" and further packages from us in the future.

Kings and Heroes part 2 features catchy themes with different instrumentation types: orchestral tracks, a piano version, rock and traditional medi evil music from the middle age. The different moods fit RPG, fantasy and action adventure games with battles and stories playing in the middle ages or in fantastic realms. But you can also use them for other genres.

The tracks are available in a complete longer version as well in separate shorter versions. Almost all of the tracks can be played as a loop to fit your game.

01 The pure of heart - complete.wav 3:54
02 Fight with little monsters V2.wav 1:32
03 The desert thief.wav 1:15
04 The rat catcher.wav 1:55
05 One last ride.wav 1:24
06 Innocent love.wav 1:23

Single tracks
1-1 The pure of heart main theme.wav
1-2 The pure of heart interlude.wav
1-3 The pure of heart triumph march - full version.wav
1-3 The pure of heart triumph march - short version.wav
1-4 The pure of heart main theme - coda.wav
4-1 The rat catcher - prelude.wav
4-2 The rat catcher - dance.wav

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Format: wav - stereo, 44Hz, 22bit