Futuristic Car Engine Sounds Vol. 1

The collection includes sounds for each vehicle:

  • 24 fast and 24 slow acceleration sounds.
  • 24 fast and 24 slow deceleration sounds.
  • 60 looped engine rpm sounds at five speeds - idle, low rpm, mid rpm, high and very high rpm.
  • 96 transition sounds between speeds.

A total of 12 futuristic vehicles in the set.

Audio Preview: https://soundcloud.com/magic-sound-effects/sets/futuristic-car-engine-sounds

Sound List: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lal85voe9s35t4/MSE%20-%20Futuristic%20Car%20Engine%20Sounds%20Vol.%201.pdf?dl=0

Each vehicle engine is a complex, massive and multi-layered sound that contains realistic samples of cars, vehicles and several layers of synthesis.

Can be used to create many types of futuristic civilian and military vehicles. Also great for space bikes, spacecrafts, spaceships, large drones and UFOs.