Low Poly People 100-Mega-Pack OFFICIAL SALE

​With well balanced minimalistic topology these stylized characters are suitable for AR/VR mobile games, architecture walkthroughs as well as high resolution desktop games.

The characters can be divided in the following groups, and are in fact organized this way on the package folders:

  • City (20): Common city people in casual and business outfits.
  • Professionals (20): Representing most common professions: Construction workers, Doctors, etc..
  • Downtown (20): Similar to 'City', but a little bit more colorful and modern.
  • Kids (6): Young boys and girls about 10 to 15 years old.​
  • Elders (10): Old people about 60-70 years old.
  • Beach (10): A set of characters from 'Downtown' but dressed in swimsuits.
  • Little Kids (6): Younger kids from 3 to 5 years old.
  • Extras (8): A miscellaneous group representing additional professions.
  • BONUS City(+20): Just a minimal variation of 'City' models but using anti-COVID masks.
  • BONUS Downtown(+20): Variation of 'Downtown' wearing anti-COVID masks.

At the current state this package is just clean character rigs without animations or scripts. Additional Files folder provides with the original 3ds Max sources and exports to FBX and OBJ, with and without rig, in case you wish to modify the model mesh, UV mapping or setup your own rigging.

In case of customizing the 3ds Max source a handy tool is ​available for easily "painting" the UV mapping 8x faster than doing it manually. Get the tool from the website: pX Poly Paint.

NOTE: Poses of characters in the images are for presentation purporses. The pack still doesn't include any animations.

Your feedback is important!

Being this my first product on the Unity Store any comments or reviews will be considered carefully and any issues or bugs will be fixed immediately.