RPG Music-Starter Pack

Album Idea:

This orchestral music pack is inspired by classic, turn-based JRPG’s like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, and is designed to be a starting place for game developers working on similar genres. The pack covers everything necessary to get a game off the ground from an overworld theme and battle theme to several town themes and dungeon themes. I hope there is something useful for everyone!

What's Inside:

There are 12 tracks in all with two different versions of each track. The first version is a clean intro version with some of the tracks having unique introductions and the second version is a loopable version. Together this makes for 24 .wav files plus an additional README file with recommendations on how to use each track for 25 files in all.

Tracklist: Preview the tracks here. (Soundcloud)

1 Overworld

2 Peaceful Village

3 Cave Dungeon

4 Battle Theme

5 Bustling Town

6 Ice Dungeon

7 Happy Theme

8 Royal City

9 Jungle Dungeon

10 Sad Theme

11 Lava Dungeon

12 Boss Theme