LipSync - animal collections SALE

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The sale will last until about July 6th.

This is an automated 2D mouth animation package with 63 different characters. Every character has it’s own sprites for every english letter, and common collocations (such as ’ee’, ’ch’, ’sh’, ’th’…). The only thing you have to do is add the input text, and that’s all. You can edit the animation speed and you can try it in the editor through the Inspector window, or you can pass the data through code as well.

⭐ But that's not all ... ⭐
There is a smart text correction system, which you can use to add your own letters from another language and use your own sprites. You can use it to tweak the animation to make it more sightful.

This asset generates sprite animations! Please note this asset does not use audio input to create the animation, it consumes strings to generate the animation! This string either can be given from code or from the Inspector window. ❗

Package contains:
- 63 different characters (each with 11-17 sprites - 560x...x1000 pixels - with transparent background, so you can easily edit them if you want to)
- 1 demo scene and 63 prefabs
- detailed and well commented script

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