Pixel Atmosphere Adventure

This music pack contains 11 loopable tracks and one variation of atmospheric pixel inspired video game music. This music much like that found in Hyperlight Drifter and Fez. These songs range from intense, energetic, exciting, moody and calming making them perfect for pixel adventure games, RPG's, battles, dramatic adventures, and more.

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Strikecast Audio




1. Atmosphere of Danger (LOOPING) 1:17

2. Beneath the Canopy (LOOPING) 0:56

3. Hidden Cavern (LOOPING) 1:10

4. Home 1:00

5. Melancholy Wasteland (LOOPING) 1:17

6. Morning Frost (LOOPING) 1:52

7. Overworld Menu (LOOPING) 0:38

8. Rivers Flow (LOOPING) 4:25

9. The World Below (LOOPING) 2:20

10. Vast Plateau (LOOPING) 1:09

11. Wandering Forest (LOOPING) 5:43

12. Wandering Forest No Percussion (LOOPING) 2:53