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Imagine hitting a single button and every setting in the object you’ve been working on, including all the children within it, is saved. Each save is time stamped and can be named. Unlimited permutations are allowed. Restore the old state by merely double clicking on it. After a few minutes the new workflow will feel effortless.

Example Use Cases:

💡 Arrange the placement of swords, buckets, tables and other props at the Bleating Goat Tavern you’re designing. Go ahead, set up a default setup and then a bar fight setup where tables are overturned and broken bottles litter the floor.

💡 Get all arty with lighting! Test various lights and their seemingly endless settings to get the best, most emotionally jarring illumination.

💡 Need a sign but not quite sure what it should say? Use it with Text Mesh Pro and play with different phrasing, fonts, and formatting. Don’t worry, nothing is final!

💡 Grab your favorite weather addon or vegetation generator and easily flip between a sunny, breezy day to a rainy autumn day.

💡 Some assets have a terrifying array of settings. Be a kid again and just mash keys and see what happens, save the best results!

💡 Ever make a UI and wonder what it would look like if you moved a button to the top, added an image to the side, put a particle effect over there? Don’t worry, your original state is saved so feel free to turn it all upside down and inside out!

Key Features:

✔️ Yes! It can work on a single object or capture the state of EVERY CHILD object.

✔️ Yes! If a child is added or deleted, that child will be restored or removed when selecting a state

✔️ Yes! Component state is also fully restored, added or removed components will be restored as you captured them

✔️ Yes! Every object can save unlimited permutations of just it's own state, or all the chidlren in it's hierarchy, at the same time, just select which mode you want to work with.

✔️ Yes! You can Lock the SuperPosition window on an Parent Object so that you can freely configure the children and then keep saving the state on the Parent.

You’re about to do the impossible. Time is about to lose meaning, and every idea you can think about is about to exist at your fingertips, all at once.

Development is all about choices. Every decision you make affects the next one. Without even realizing it, all these little tweaks you made for random reasons add up, and if you’re lucky the final result is the best seller you know you’re making. Don’t roll the dice with your success, SuperPosition gives you back control over ALL possibilities. No longer is a choice you made last month simply done and gone. Bring the little scientist inside you back to life, and experiment until you get the perfect, unique, best looking result.

It’s a simple idea with profoundly powerful implications.

Suddenly, a new world of possibility opens up. Every possibility you care to preserve becomes near automatic. No more do you need to “Save As” before making big changes, every object now independently has its own iteration system built in!

In quantum physics, a SuperPosition is the idea that an object can exist in multiple states simultaneously and only becomes a singular version of all these possibilities when being observed. Well, golly gee, with this asset we all just became quantum physicists! Because that’s exactly what this does.

Please note that this is a development tool, not meant for runtime builds. It’s meant to make your scene development easier and less intimidating. It’s highly optimized and any helper objects it uses are not included in builds.

You’re getting in on the ground floor as there are several great additions to come in future versions, the price will increase as features pile on.

ShrinkRay Entertainment is famous for world class, same day support, so email us or join our Discord at any time.

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1️⃣ Purchase SuperPositon during the Launch Special (The Five Buck Special Ends with the Launch Promo!!!)

[Important: Discounts will only appear after you completely purchase SuperPositon]

2️⃣ Go to each of the assets and add them to cart

3️⃣ They will be discounted down to $5 Each

Here's a quick link to each asset:

🚪 Editor Portals ($20 to $5, 75% off)

Is a fun and unique way of getting around your scene in a way you never thought possible. Just point into the distance, and fly there! A convenient preview window will show your final destination. That's not all! You can actually adjust the rotation and position and land exactly where you want, how you want!

⌨️ Perfect F ($20 to $5, 75% off)

Replaces and enhances the vanilla "F" key and 'fixes' it so that it actually works like you always expected it to. Never again will you zoom OUT when you almost certainly meant to zoom in. Beyond that, you'll love the ability to rotate left and right or tilt up and down around the Game Object. My favorite feature is Canvas mode where it will perfectly line up a Worldspace Canvas to your view so you can just get to work moving your UI around. Camera mode will put you exactly in the same vantage point as the camera you selected. And Terrain mode will hover slightly over and slightly above your terrain. It's perfect!

🌎 Task Atlas ($50 to $12.50, 75% off)

Is a revolutionary way to keep track of your development in your scene. Put notes anywhere inside your scene. See where you are at all times thanks to on screen labels. Hit the Atlas button and see your entire world from above, like magic! If you're keeping notes or even using an external task manager right now, doesn't it make more sense to write them directly where you're working?

🚪 ⌨️ 🌎 Better Editor Deluxe Bundle

Going to get all three? Alright! I'll give you even more off!!! Instead of $22.50, get the full Bundle for $17.50! Remember, this special bonus expires along with the launch special, so