The customizable game grid is a tool for Unity, it can be used to generate grids that exist as an array of Vector3 positions of grid points. The grid can have a transform or a fixed position/rotation that acts as the origin (movable during runtime without regenerating the array).

The grid can be visualized using lines both at runtime and in editor. Utility methods in the grid class can be used to get the closest grid point to a given world position, an adjacent grid point in a given direction, etc.

The grid is built for performance and extra features such as line drawing are completely optional if positional transformations is all that is needed.

Objects can also be spawned on the grid with the included object spawner using a variety of different spawning modes. In specific spawning modes objects can be placed by clicking or dragging the mouse over the grid in scene view, which makes the creation of grid-based maps super quick.

Examples of usages:

- Getting world positions of grid points (even while the grid is moving)

- Basis for path-finding algorithms like A*.

- Basis for grid based movement in RTS games etc.

- Grid based building in village games or sandbox games etc.

- Quick creation of static or procedural grid based maps with the object spawner.

- Purely visual grids using line drawing (customizable color and line width).

If you have questions, bugs or feature requests please contact me!